Planning Applications

PJ Planning act as agents for a wide number of Planning applications, from single dwellings, and extensions, to schemes of over 1000 houses. However large or small the project, we provide the same professional, and personal service to our clients, ensuring that we can secure a successful permission.

We offer our services from initial plans and discussions right through to the discharging of conditions, to ensure that all aspects of submitting a planning application is positive and proactive, allowing the approval of high quality, sustainable developments.

Pre Application Advice

National Policy states that wherever possible, Pre Application advice should be sought before a planning application is submitted, so that both the local authority and applicant can engage in “Best Practice”, and ensure that planning is a positive process.

We provide our services liasing with Local Authorites, both in a formal and informal capacity when entering into pre application discussions, to ensure that our clients can maximise the chances of a approved application, and to understand the issues that may be need to be addressed.

Supporting Evidence

PJ Planning are able to produce high quality, detailed and accurate Planning Support Statements, for use as part of application submission documents. Such statements set out the background to the particular site in question, as well as exploring the development plan policies, material considerations, issues, and opportunities presented by the application to put forward the case that high quality, sustainable development can be achieved, as required by local and national policy.

Where necessary, we can provide all services pertaining to Environmental Impact Assessments, and Stakeholder / Community Engagement activities. The level to which these need to be completed depend dramatically on the size of the scheme, and any statatory or material considerations which may come into effect, for example, conservation area

Planning Applications

We provide our services for outline and full Planning Applicaitons, both large and small. Outline applications provide a useful mechanism to secure permission for the principle of development, allowing for reserved matters to be determined later on. A full application will determine all matters, and the application will be considered as a whole. Where neccessary, conservation area demolition, or listed building consent must be sought alongside the planning application. Local Authorities should determine applications within 13 weeks, however for smaller applications, determination time is normally 8 weeks.

As well as standard application, we also act as agents for a number of specialist applications, such as:

  •     Advertisement consent applications
  •     Lawful development certificates (CLEUD AND CLOPUD)
  •     Listed building and conservation area consent
  •     Non material and material amendment applications
  •     Prior approval applications
  •     Telecommunications applications
  •     Section 73 (Variation / Removal of Condition) planning applications

We offer a “complete service” from initiating discussions with local authorities through pre application advice planning support statements, submitting applications, and liaising with the local authority during the statutory consultation period, to address any issues that may arise. As a high percentage of applications are determined through delegated powers, maintaining a positive relationship with the case officer, and taking a proactive approach to addressing issues ensures the best possible chances of a successful determination.

In the event that the application is taken to planning committee, we also provide services to address the committee in support of the application. Each authority conducts their committee differently, so the manner, and method of doing this can change from application to application.

Discharging of Conditions

Following on from a successful determination, either through delegated powers or committee, we can provide services in discharging conditions. Conditions may need to be discharged prior to the lawful commencement of development, at phased during the development, or prior to the development being brought into use. We can act as the agent for discharging conditions in much the same way as a planning application, ensuring that the right evidence is provided, and the local authority are in the best position to positively approve the discharge application.

Planning Appeals / More Information

In the event that your application is refused, we can provide our services to appeal the decision made by the local authority. For more information, please visit our Planning Appeal information page. If you have any queries in respect of how we can assist with your planning application needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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